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Advanced Technology Improves Safety and Comfort

Advanced technology provides us with many opportunities to bring more comfortable, accurate, and safer care to our patients. We have chosen to invest in certain advanced technology to improve your experiences throughout your treatment process and ensure more predictable and effective treatment methods for us. Our advanced technology not only helps you feel comfortable and relaxed while you are here, but helps you feel confident in our understanding of your oral condition and the personalized treatment plan we create based on precise, evidence-based diagnosis.


Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a hand-held device used to take highly-detailed digital images of the inside of patients’ mouths in real time. This minimally invasive camera allows you to see your teeth as we do, helping us educate you on your oral condition and provide more accurate diagnosis (as with early cavity detection) and treatment.



The Tekscan® is a system that digitally analyses how your teeth fit together, including the force and timing of your bite. As patients bite down on a wafer-thin paper, data is digitally collected and displayed in real-time on a computer. We use this data to treat areas where incorrect bite force may be harmful to certain teeth or restorations.


The Wand® Anesthesia

We administer all local anesthetic with The Wand®, an electronic anesthetic system that is much more comfortable for patients than with us using the traditional syringe. We are trained to administer anesthetic with this system and are able to control the flow rate of the anesthesia to optimize your comfort.

Technology at Esthetic Dental Solutions

The Benefits of Advanced Technology

All of the advanced technology we use at our office is minimally invasive in nature and is nearly or completely painless. Advanced technology is also an effective way we can more thoroughly educate you on your oral condition, by providing you with real-time data and images of your mouth and bite.

Advanced technology also benefits
patients by:

  • Improving patient education and understanding
  • Providing more comfortable, relaxing, and safer care
  • Promoting more accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • Ensuring conservative, highly precise care
  • Improving long-term predictability of treatment

Experience safer, more comfortable care.

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