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Dr. Angie Hedlund is a comprehensive general dentist, with expertise ranging from preventive care to dental implant restorations and gum disease treatment. At our all-inclusive dental office, patients benefit from receiving the highest possible quality care from the same team and extensively trained and experienced general dentist. Our patient-centric approach improves your experience and care by allowing us to work with you to create treatment plans best suited to your smile goals and personal budget. We believe in continuing education, advanced training, and remaining on the forefront of the most current technology, techniques, and materials in dentistry.

Our General Dentistry Services


Preventive Dentistry

We prioritize routine preventive dental care for our patients to help reduce your risk for tooth decay and disease and maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. Preventive dentistry helps patients avoid serious oral conditions that can develop without proper oral hygiene and routine visits to the general dentist.


Occlusal Adjustment

We used Tekscan®, an advanced, digital system that provides objective data about your bite, including its force and timing. These precise measurements are used to create accurate occlusal adjustments of your teeth or restorations so the teeth fit together properly and comfortably when you bite down.


Oral Pathology Exam

Oral cancer and other pathological problems may go undetected by a patient, especially if the condition or disease develops painlessly. Dr. Hedlund is specially trained to detect and diagnose changes in color and texture of the soft tissue inside the mouth (lips, tongue, and gums) and other regions, including the face and neck.


Bruxism Treatment

Bruxism (teeth grinding) damages the teeth and jaw muscles and joints, and can lead to chronic headaches, jaw pain and soreness, and severely worn or broken teeth. Our conservative treatment looks for the cause(s) to provide more effective management and create a healthier foundation for cosmetic treatments.

Trained and Experienced in General Dentistry

We pride ourselves in offering gentle, comfortable care for our patients, and care for your oral health as it relates to your whole-body health. Leveraging some of the most advanced technology in dentistry, our preventive, cosmetic, and restorative care is safer, more accurate, and more reliable long term. Dr. Hedlund is a highly esteemed general dentist, having won the Goldstein Esthetic Dentistry Award and has achieved both Mastership and Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. With 25 years of experience in comprehensive, modern dentistry, she is equipped and qualified to effectively diagnose and treat your oral conditions.

We’re dedicated to your oral health.

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