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A Salivary Diagnosis Improves Patient Care

Salivary diagnosis, or oral DNA testing, is a non-invasive way we can provide early detection and diagnosis of oral and systemic health concerns by taking a sample of a patient’s saliva. Through salivary diagnosis, we can culture the bacteria in a patient’s mouth and provide more effective treatment based off an earlier and more accurate diagnosis. For diagnoses of oral cancer and gum disease, this can be a crucial first step to treating issues before they endanger whole-body health and lead to life-threatening complications. The greatest benefit a salivary diagnosis provides patients is how early issues can be diagnosed, providing more targeted and efficient treatment and better long-term outcomes. As part of our comprehensive dental care, we offer the option for a salivary diagnosis to all our patients.


Gum Disease

Gum disease is a progressive condition that affects the health of the gums, teeth, and bone when bacteria caused by tartar buildup causes infection and inflammation of the gum tissue. A salivary diagnosis can identify the type of bacteria that cause gum disease, helping us provide more proactive and effective treatment, before more serious harm to the hard and soft tissue occurs.


Oral Cancer

Early-stage oral cancer can go undetected by patients, as it is often painless and has few noticeable symptoms, such as red and white patches inside the mouth. The salivary diagnosis identifies biomarkers for oral cancer without the need for a preliminary tissue biopsy. Patients testing positive for oral cancer can receive targeted, life-saving treatment.



Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the leading cause of oral cancers that infect the mouth and throat. As the most common sexually transmitted disease, HPV has almost 200 different strains, 9 of which can cause cancer. The salivary diagnosis tests for the specific strains of HPV known to cause over 90 percent of oropharyngeal cancer cases and can determine a patient’s risk for oral cancer.

Staying Proactive about Preventive Care

Salivary diagnosis is one of the best ways we can be more proactive about diagnosing and treating serious oral and systemic health issues. Due to its simple and noninvasive nature, a salivary diagnosis is ideal for both children and adults and is conveniently completed in our office. Even for low-risk patients, a salivary diagnosis is a painless way in which we can remain proactive about your preventive care.

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