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The Foundations of a Good Bite

Occlusion, or how well your teeth fit together when you bite, is a critical and foundational aspect of proper oral health. A proper occlusion occurs when the teeth, jaw, and joints are in alignment and functioning harmoniously. If even one of these areas is off, such as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), it can adversely affect how well the mouth functions as a whole. When the TM joint is injured, damaged, or overworked from teeth grinding and clenching, it can lead to TMJ disorder. Jaw pain or stiffness, joint cracking or locking, chronic headaches, or jaw muscle spasms are all symptoms of TMJ disorder, and are often so debilitating that they can hinder simple activities like yawning, chewing, or speaking.

Dr. Angie Hedlund has received extensive training from the prestigious Dawson Academy in the relationship between the TM joint and the function and health of the mouth, and has been asked to be on the faculty where she would teach other dentists from all over the world about treatment planning and how to successfully treat and manage TMJ disorders. This comprehensive understanding and expertise help her provide optimal care that improves all aspects of your smile, from occlusion to esthetics. She is highly experienced in conservatively treating TMJ disorder for the greatest long-term functional and health benefits for her patients.

What is TMJ Disorder

Building a Healthy Foundation with TMJ Therapy

Esthetic improvements to the smile, such as with porcelain veneers, rely on the foundational health of the mouth to last for the long term. Dr. Hedlund understands this connection between the bite, joints, and success of cosmetic dentistry services. If you have jaw pain or other symptoms of TMJ disorder, we will evaluate your mouth to determine the cause of your pain. Understanding the root cause will help us create the most accurate and effective treatment plan. With the foundational health of your smile restored, all functional aspects will work correctly and will be able to support more aesthetic improvements like veneers or dental crowns.

Benefits of TMJ Therapy

  • Alleviate jaw pain
  • Protect joints and teeth
  • Bite and chew comfortably
  • Eliminate ringing in ears
  • Improve oral and overall health

I have chronic jaw pain.

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