How To Enjoy Your Dentist Appointment

At Esthetic Dental Solutions, we work to make our office an environment you can look forward to visiting again and again. We want to help you enjoy your next dental appointment. Here are our best tips on making the most out of your dentist appointment.

Come Prepared

Remember that you can always call ahead for your dentist’s appointment to ensure you have all the proper forms and documents filled out ahead of time. Most dentists have their patient forms available online for you to print out at your leisure before your appointment.  This will allow you to sit back and relax in the waiting room before being seen. At Esthetic Dental Solutions, our waiting room is equipped with a calming water feature and a refreshment bar so you can make yourself comfortable before even sitting in the dental chair.

Ask Questions

Your dentist appointment should be a collaborative consultation with your dentist regarding the current condition of your smile along with your goals for your future dental health. Our office believes that an informed patient is a healthier patient. We are happy to answer any questions you might have during your appointment. We encourage you to stop us and ask about any unfamiliar dental technology that you might not have seen before. Our team enjoys practicing dentistry, and we want to help you better understand your diagnoses and treatment plans.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes, it’s just simply harder for some patients to relax in the dental chair. This can be due to a fear of the dentist or previous bad experience with a dental procedure. Regardless of the reason for your dental anxiety, you should ask about sedation dentistry options. At our office, we offer a variety of sedation dentistry options including local anesthetic, laughing gas, and oral-conscious sedatives to keep you calm and comfortable throughout the entirety of your procedure.

Schedule An Appointment

If you are looking for a compassionate dentist in Alpharetta, GA, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hedlund. With 25 years of dentistry experience, she can help you achieve your dental health goals while also ensuring your comfort and peace of mind every step of the way.