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Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions in Alpharetta, Georgia

Is the quality of your smile affecting your self-confidence? With over 25 years of quality cosmetic dentistry care under our belt, Esthetic Dental Solutions will provide you with the smile makeover of your dreams.

If you suffer from crooked, missing, or discolored teeth, you do not have to feel self-conscious about your smile. Dr. Hedlund is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Alpharetta and Roswell, GA. Our team understands that when you do not feel confident with your own smile, this can affect your personal and professional life.

Dr. Angie Hedlund is a Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta and Roswell GA

Cosmetic Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA

Cosmetic dentistry services are any service that a dentist uses to improve the appearance of your smile. However, there are also restorative benefits to cosmetic dentistry as well.

It’s common for patients to experience improved overall dental health following cosmetic procedures. Our treatments give patients a fresh start to caring for their smile. Our dental team will make your new smile will achieve your goals and support your long term oral health.


For patients looking to avoid the discomfort of traditional metal braces, our dentist office is happy to provide Invisalign. This clear aligner system is one of the latest and greatest dental technologies available right now.

With a custom set of clear aligners that gradually apply pressure to your teeth, Invisalign encourages your smile to shift into a straighter position. Patients love Invisalign because it allows them to undergo mild to moderate orthodontic care without the metallic look of traditional braces. Because they are aligners, you can remove them at any time. This allows patients to brush their teeth regularly without obstacles. You can also take them out to eat any kind of food you like.

Porcelain Veneers

A complete smile makeover is easy and painless with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are custom made ceramic shells that attach to the front of your teeth.

You can get one porcelain veneer or a whole set of them. It simply depends on your goals and budget. Patients love porcelain veneers because they allow your teeth to function like that of your natural teeth while also hiding any imperfections or blemishes on the tooth. The process to get dental veneers is simple and should only take a few weeks. The dentist will remove a minimal amount of tooth enamel to create room for the veneer. However, because of this, dentists consider them a permanent dental restoration. Porcelain veneers deliver beautiful results and have a high satisfaction rate among patients.

Teeth Bonding

Tooth bonding is a great way to repair minor tooth damage. If you have a small chip in your tooth, your dentist may suggest this cosmetic treatment. It can restore function and beauty to your tooth while looking natural. It involves using a tooth colored resin that will fill in or cover any minor blemishes on your tooth. We may use tooth bonding to hide any stubborn stains that do not improve with teeth whitening solutions. Additionally, we can fill in small gaps between your teeth as well.

Your dentist can complete the tooth bonding treatment in a single visit. It is a quick treatment however it does involve a high level of skill. Your cosmetic dentist will need to sculpt the resin by hand into the proper shape. While this treatment is cheap, you may need to have your dentist touch it up or replace it after a few years.

Teeth Whitening

As we age, our teeth pick up stains from various foods and drinks that we consume daily. Discolored teeth are a common dental concern we treat every day. Dr. Hedlund is happy to provide teeth whitening solutions to brighten dull teeth and whiten stained teeth.

We offer both in-office and take-home whitening options. Your dentist can complete in-office teeth whitening in under an hour. This in-office treatment delivers instant results. Some patients prefer the take-home whitening kit because they can utilize it on their own time. No matter what method you choose, our whitening treatment will meet the unique needs of your smile.


Our office provides Botox treatment for patients who want to address facial wrinkles and fine lines. Botox relaxes the facial muscles to smooth lines and wrinkles in the face.

Botox can also address TMJ disorders, helping patiens alleviate problems like jaw pain, headaches, and teeth clenching and grinding. Dr. Hedlund and her team have expertise in neck and head anatomy, allowing patients to receive Botox treatment in their dental office. Patients who complete cosmetic dental treatment can also benefit from Botox to complete their smile makeover.

Schedule an appointment for a cosmetic consultation today to see which treatment option will best meet your needs. Esthetic Dental Solutions serves patients from Alpharetta, Roswell, and all over Fulton County, GA. We look forward to helping you achieve any aesthetic goals you have for your own smile.