Missing Teeth Alpharetta, GA

Are you missing one or more teeth?

Missing teeth are a common dental concern that we treat at Esthetic Dental Solutions. Patients with missing teeth not only suffer from cosmetic insecurities with their smiles but also functionality issues with their teeth, gums, and jaw.

As your trusted restorative dentist in Alpharetta and Roswell, Georgia, Dr. Hedlund provides dental bridges and dental implants to patients with missing teeth. Depending on your needs and desires for your smile restoration, Dr. Hedlund can give you the perfect tooth restoration and leave you feeling confident in your smile.

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Replace missing teeth in Alpharetta and Roswell GA

Missing Teeth: What You Need To Know

Missing teeth cause a variety of issues against the longevity of your dental health. You may notice you experience facial soreness, tooth shifting, or jaw pain if you are missing teeth. This is because when you are missing one or more teeth, your other teeth and mouth muscles must compensate for that.

Any additional wear or strain applied to your surrounding teeth and mouth muscles are only setting you up for further tooth loss and dental complications. It is important to seek out your tooth replacement options as soon as you can to avoid more extensive dental work in the future.

Missing Teeth: What You Can Do

Missing teeth can be replaced in a variety of methods. Dental implants are our most popular tooth replacement option as they give you the look, feel, and function of a natural tooth. The dental implant involves fusing a post for the implant into your jawbone. As this post heals, it acts as the roots of your replacement tooth and allows you to utilize your replacement tooth just as you would with a regular tooth.

Dental bridges are also a good option for tooth replacement. A dental bridge can be used when replacing one or several consecutive teeth. Dental bridges require the support of surrounding teeth to hold the prosthetic tooth in its space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What problems can a missing tooth cause?

Remaining teeth may shift in order to fill in the gap left by missing teeth. Missing teeth may also make plaque difficult to remove, which increases the risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

Does losing teeth affect your health?

Your risk of gum disease increases the longer you wait to replace a lost tooth. This is also linked to other diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

What happens if you don’t replace missing teeth?

When a tooth is missing, the rest of the teeth around it begin to move as a result of the absence of that tooth. Teeth can eventually become misaligned or new gaps can form. Super-eruption is also possible.

Are dental implants painful?

To replace a missing or damaged tooth, dental implants are considered the best option available. Your mouth is completely numbed prior to the procedure, so it should not be painful at all. When the numbness wears off following your dental procedure, mild pain may be felt by the patient.

Can untreated missing teeth change your face?

The lower half of your face can change shape if you have missing teeth for an extended period of time. Your face may appear shorter than it actually is if your jawbones are receding. When the lower jawbone begins shrinking, it can also cause the bone to move forward.

Can missing teeth cause premature aging and wrinkles?

Teeth loss can cause your jaw to naturally ascend, resulting in wrinkles that occur around your mouth and cheeks. You may appear much older than your actual age if teeth ascend and wrinkles form from lack of treatment.

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