Sedation Dentistry Alpharetta, GA

Do you experience dental anxiety in Alpharetta just by thinking about the dental chair?

Sedation Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA

At Esthetic Dental Solutions, we understand that some patients may not be as excited about visiting the dentist’s office as others are. However, we are committed to total patient comfort. For patients who suffer from dental anxiety in Alpharetta, we are here to provide you with sedation dentistry options to help make your dental experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, we strive to make our Roswell dental office a tranquil environment that you can look forward to visiting again and again. By taking the time to understand your unique needs, we will create an individualized anxiety and pain management plan for your optimal relaxation, safety, and comfort.

If you are interested in our sedation dentistry services, schedule an appointment online today for a consultation with Dr. Hedlund.

As your trusted general dentist in Alpharetta, GA, our goal is to help you avoid missing your dental appointments due to dental anxiety. Procrastinating on your dental care only leads to small dental concerns turning into larger dental issues. Often, frequent preventative care can help you avoid costly, more invasive dental procedures that cause dental anxiety in the first place.

Read on to find answers to some common questions we get asked regarding our sedation dentistry services.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Yes. We would never incorporate anything into your dental procedure that would have a negative impact on your overall health. Additionally, Dr. Hedlund will thoroughly examine your dental health and overall wellbeing before recommending any type of sedative options.

What kinds of sedation dentistry options do you offer?

At Esthetic Dental Solutions, we offer the following sedation dentistry options:

  • Local Anesthetic: We use local anesthetic to temporarily numb areas of your mouth during treatment. Your dentist can combine this with another type of oral sedation or nitrous oxide to ensure patient relaxation. You may feel numb for a few hours following your procedure, but it will eventually wear off.
  • The Wand® Anesthesia: The Wand anesthesia system is the size of a ball point pen, with a very small needle at the tip. This device delivers a controlled amount of anesthetic that numbs the area before the dentist inserts the needle.
  • Oral Sedation: Oral sedation is a pill-form sedative that you can take before your appointment. While this pill does not put you to sleep, you will feel like you are falling asleep. The sedative will wear off a few hours following the appointment, often leaving patients with little memory of the procedure.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Or laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a form of sedation the dentist administers through a mask that covers the nose. Patients begin to feel relaxed and comfortable within five minutes of breathing in laughing gas. These effects wear off as soon as the dentist removes the mask.

What can I expect during oral sedation?

During oral sedation patients should expect to feel out of it. Some patients may fall asleep and remember nothing, while others may remember parts of the operation. Patients should not expect to remember the procedure, or be able to communicate with their dentist until the sedation has worn off. The effects of dental sedation typically begin to wear off 6-8 hours after the procedure. We recommend waiting a full 24 hours to let all of the effects of the sedation completely subside.

How do I prepare for dental sedation?

The best way to prepare for dental sedation is to drink lots of fluids the day before your procedure. It is very important to hydrate prior to taking sedation options. Patients should not eat for at least 12 hours prior to the appointment to be sure that their stomach is empty.

Patients will feel no pain with dental sedation. Your dentist may use a mix of sedation and local anesthetic to help keep patients calm and pain free throughout their entire procedure.

What does sedation dentistry help with?

Sedation dentistry is especially beneficial for patients with dental fear or anxiety. Additionally, it can help patients with a sensitive gag reflex, tooth sensitivity, and those who have difficulty sitting still. Sedation dentistry makes lengthy procedures as well as multiple procedures possible during one appointment.

If you believe you can benefit from sedation dentistry, give us a call at 678-352-1333 today. Our patients come from All over Fulton County, including Alpharetta, Roswell, and Johns Creek.