Treating Your Discolored Teeth

Having discolored teeth can make you focus too much on hiding your smile when you should be showing it off. Luckily, there are many ways for you to get a whiter smile. Dr. Angie Gribble Hedlund of Esthetic Dental Solutions highlights your options for cosmetic dentistry in Alpharetta, GA.cosmetic dentistry in alpharetta, georgia

Professional Teeth Whitening

When you’re thinking about getting your teeth whitened at the dentist, this is probably what you envision. Professional teeth whitening has multiple advantages compared to over the counter products. Drugstore whitening solutions are often one size fits all, risking sensitivity in soft tissue if it comes in contact with the bleaching agent. They also often result in blotchy and uneven results.

At our office, we offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening. In the office, we use Opalescence® Boost whitening gel. It’s one of the strongest whitening solutions available and can provide quality results within an hour. During a cosmetic consultation, Dr. Hedlund can determine the right strength and treatment time for the shade of white that best fits your smile.

For take-home whitening, we offer other Opalescence® products. First, impressions are taken to make custom whitening trays that fit perfectly to your smile. They’re pre-filled with a whitening gel, the formula of which is decided by the dentist. Though it’s more of a gradual process, you should still experience quality results in a few days.

Porcelain Veneers

Not all stains can be taken care of with traditional whitening techniques. Porcelain veneers offer an alternative for teeth stained by things like genetics or medication. Veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic that go over the front and sides of your teeth. The material is designed to be durable and stain-resistant, offering a solution that lasts.

To get veneers, some of your tooth structure is removed. We want to make sure that the veneers lay flat and flush with the rest of your smile. Impressions are taken for the veneers to be custom-made. When they’re ready, we’ll fit them to your teeth and make sure they look and feel comfortable. If you’re satisfied, they’re then permanently bonded to your teeth.

Dental Bonding

If you’re looking for an economical option and aren’t ready for something permanent, dental bonding could be the solution for you. The bonding material is made of a composite resin that’s color-matched to the shade of white you’re looking for. Since it’s malleable, it can take care of cosmetic chips and cracks while giving you a whiter smile.

For dental bonding, we remove a minimal amount of tooth structure to make sure the bonding material adheres to your tooth. The material is molded in the shape of your tooth so that it looks natural. When you’re happy with it, it’ll be cured and hardened with a special light. It’s then polished so that it matches the natural sheen of your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Alpharetta, Georgia

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