Why Family Dentistry is Essential

Dental care is important for family members of all ages. Everyone from children to seniors needs dental care that tailors to the specific issues of their age group. Dr. Angie Gribble Hedlund of Esthetic Dental Solutions, a dentist in Alpharetta, GA, highlights why family dentistry is so important.family dentist in alpharetta, georgia

Age-Specific Treatment Options

Certain age groups have dental issues that they’re more likely to come across. Therefore, we give care and recommend treatments specific to these issues. For children, tooth decay is the biggest worry. We can help both patients and their parents learn the best way to brush and floss tiny teeth. Dental sealants are also an option for an extra layer of protection. They’re painted on the cusps of molars and other hard to reach areas.

As children reach the preteen and teen years, their permanent teeth are going to be erupting. The mouth and jaw are changing a lot at this particular time. Crooked teeth and bite problems are something we’ll be watching out for. Whether we can provide Invisalign to straighten the smile or have to refer to a local orthodontist, we’ll make sure you get the proper care you need.

Seniors also have dental issues specific to their age group. As we age, our teeth naturally get darker and have more years of staining on them. Teeth whitening can help make the smile look fresh and young again. Seniors are also more likely to suffer from tooth loss. There are multiple solutions, including dental implants, to help replace your missing teeth.

Catching Problems Early

Regular dental visits are essential to catching problems before they get worse. We always strive to provide the most conservative treatment option, and that’s easiest when issues are caught early. Our expertise and diagnostic tools can catch things that you may not be able to see. This includes oral cancer symptoms, tooth decay, and infections in the teeth.

When children’s mouths are changing so much, we want to catch things early on there too. Being proactive and getting orthodontic issues handled early can prevent further treatment and problems down the road. Family dentistry regular checkups occur every six months, so we can monitor the changes that have occurred in your mouth over time.

Creating Good Oral Health Habits

Regular dental visits should start for children when their first teeth are erupting. Getting children into the dentist early helps them get into a good oral healthcare routine. It can also help to prevent issues with dental anxiety in the future. You can be there for moral support as they get their treatment, and they can watch you when you get yours. This helps them realize the dentist is nothing to be afraid of!

Your Family Dentist in Alpharetta, Georgia

Make sure the oral health in your family is on point, no matter the age of the family members. Call us or schedule an appointment online.