What to Do About Missing Teeth

missing teeth treatment alpharettaHaving missing teeth is uncomfortable and can even make you feel like you have to hide your smile. There are several reasons why people lose teeth, and it isn’t always due to poor oral hygiene. Accidents, injuries, hereditary conditions, and other factors out of your control can contribute to your oral health. Dr. Angie Hedlund wants her Alpharetta, GA patients at Esthetic Dental Solutions to know what they can do about missing teeth and take control of their oral health.

Why Does It Matter If I’m Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth impacts your entire tooth structure and can lead to major problems over time. Jawbone tissue needs to have teeth securely placed in their sockets in order to maintain its structure, and when teeth are not in place, this tissue recedes and causes structural problems. Teeth surrounding the missing tooth can become unstable and become more susceptible to decay or even falling out themselves. 

Many patients with missing teeth also find that eating and speaking are more challenging, and may even deal with TMJ disorders caused by jaw alignment problems from overcompensating for missing teeth. Simply put, it’s important to replace missing teeth so you can avoid these dental health challenges.

Missing Teeth Treatments at Esthetic Dental Solutions

There are several different treatments available to replace missing teeth. The exact treatment that is best for you depends on the number of missing teeth, underlying jawbone health, and your lifestyle and goals. 

One of the most popular missing teeth treatments is dental implants, due to their longevity and ease of care. Once the dental implant treatment is complete, you won’t be able to tell that you have a false tooth, and they do not require any additional maintenance beyond normal brushing and flossing.

Dental bridges are often used to treat multiple consecutive missing teeth, but they require more maintenance and may need to be replaced after several years. Our team may also recommend dental crowns for teeth that have a chance of being saved, as our goal is always to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible.

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