The Importance of Routine Dental Appointments

Many patients may schedule dental visits but do not fully know why routine visits are important. At regular visits, our patients receive dental cleanings, examinations, and x-rays. As a part of general dental care, regular appointments maintain the health of the smile and prevent future dental issues. Here you can learn the details about what happens at routine dental appointments in our Alpharetta, GA dental office.

Dental Appointments in Alpharetta, Georgia

Routine Dental Appointments in Alpharetta, GA

At regular dental visits, we provide dental cleanings, x-rays, and examinations. Our professional hygienists use specialized dental tools to thoroughly clean patients’ smiles. They remove plaque and calculus that accumulate in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Plaque is a bacterial film that turns into tartar or calculus when hardened. Hygienists can remove bacteria using stainless steel metal tools that can reach small spaces in the mouth.

After the cleaning, our lead dentists will examine the smile. They look for common symptoms of gum disease, decay, and even oral cancer. These highly damaging oral health problems not only impact the smile but the rest of the body. Signs of gum disease that our dentists look for include bleeding, swollen, irritated, and receded gums. They will look for holes or pits in the teeth which are indicators of cavities. Additionally, red and white patches or chronic mouth sores indicate oral cancer.

Compared to traditional dental x-rays, our digital x-rays offer more detailed images of the smile. Using x-rays, we can find emerging dental problems and plan treatments.

Patients Review Our Care

“Hands down the best attention I have ever received in a dental office. They are super professional and their work is outstanding. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody looking for the best.”

-Julian Q.

“5-star experience! It was a delightful experience from the front door to the paperwork to the dental hygienists to meeting Dr. Hedlund! Thank you so much for caring for your patients!”

-Tonthalell W.

“The team was very nice and made sure to explain in detail my status. And they explained several options for treatment. Very informative. I felt they were experts. I highly recommend this team for your needs.”

-Mike B.

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